Te Aratai College Technology Centre

In addition to our Year 7-13 campus on Aldwins Road, we also have an off site technology provision on Avonside Drive. We offer technology to 23 partnership schools who aren’t able to provide it to their Year 7 and 8 children. We bus in each school for a 1.5 hour session each week, rotating through a different curriculum area each term. Typically we have 1,350 students through our centre each week. Our specialist tech staff offer Food, Fabrics, Hard Materials, Makerspace, Robotics, Digital Technologies and Product Design. We have 11 teaching staff and one Food Technician. Our centre has many complexities as we are essentially running as an off-site school, but under the umbrella of our wider school, Te Aratai College.

  • For any questions or queries please contact our Tech Centre Director Amelia Painter